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Asphalt Roofs develop leaks before the entire roof needs replacing. Leaks are caused by damage, such as cracked or missing shingles, damaged flashings or skylights. Asphalt shingles will need replacement or repair if any of the following signs appear; Interior Leaks, Curled Shingles, Buckled Shingles, Missing Shingles, Damaged Flashing, Granule Loss, Lack of Ventilation, Algae, Roof Rot

Cedar shakes can split over time and come loose, also rot and algae can be a host to leaking and potential entry of water.

What to look for when you need a roof replaced

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Your commercial roof needs to protect your business from the elements since the contents of your building is your investment you must insure you protect that investment with proper roof inspection and maintenance. We insure your roof is water tight and your business is up and running.

We offer Free Roofing Estimates